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My Cousin Dawn

MY AWAKENING (español)

MY AWAKENING - 6.11.2008

Today, beginning around the world, the hundred days when traveling to those places that I will know in the photos will be archived on the retina in order of arrival, the planes of color that iran navigating around different skies along the route of a sun that walks at your leisure by the seas Rising in each day.

At the airport exit is written the first chapter of a journey that starts with the clothes on a Monday working nap awake in the queue who embarks on the first dream fulfilled, scored on the agenda that aims to know some new people Some citizens of that small place, makes my experience different sounds, some serious, some different voices, some new eyes on every street in every city in every country.

Walk around the second destination, upload to a different meter, with some people over to the same problems as in my city, with different faces, clothes sausages in a few different colors, in patterns that make awakening a new sense of walking among the same people, including some awakenings they delivered the same day and the same night.

Traveling the parks and see the flowers open in the same way that trees have been painted with the same color, the green has left a visible imprint on the fence a few small lakes that surround some sources that sing the same water language with a calm and open, the pigeons resting on them that remind me of a childhood where my child continues retozando at the time.

I like cars, buses have another flat on his back, smaller metros that penetrate into some black tunnels, something closer and with different stops, with words in a language that was born in that jungle in which every human is were distributed to march with those who understand, after that experience that led us to be nationals of countries that only now are accompanied in this story.

I continue with the plane of a new city covering the cathedrals that make me go to a noble heart, some palaces that adorn the brightness of cultures that now bear the imprint of shopping centers, places of recreation and leisure to start some different neighborhoods, Some men and women who want to sit and walk on sidewalks full of sales, for stores full of leisure, away from those monuments that only descuelgan on a walk differently.

The yellow taxi stops around me away from that environment to find a new sculpture, to discover a new plaza, a museum where his works are in a silence waiting to see so many sides to stop its history, leaving the estanpa the signing of whom surrendered their hours to save a message from the colors that now swimming who interpret that dream.

There are ten in a night of travel that asks me rest my body, my eyes were so light they hold, a lot of beautiful desert, a few cars and trains, buses and a few meters willing to lock in their garages to realize those dreams that come and go at the table in any room of a hotel open until dawn.

Miguel José

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