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My Cousin Dawn

MY AWAKENING (español)

MY AWAKENING - 7.11.2008

I open wide the doors and find the hallway, a place where they attach tables hidden in small closets, who heads parade in the same direction behind a screen that turns on in each of its points of light, silence which uncovers in whispers and a few phone calls that lit the morning.

They are different faces, different grounds from which each perceives its own world, the interpretation of this very diverse options would place the contents in each language that might argue how they live day by day which gives them the security of a quieter life .

At that buzz inside me and I see faces distinguished between the windows, which flood the hands of any letters written by the flap Dawns of printers, copiers repeat the same boxes, pictures that are installed in any of the desks in this school without teacher Of this school that gives us life.

I learn from every look, every smile, every good day, any of the gestures that are delivered with gestures to be able to compete in the best, in having the best time to enjoy it, to finish the reports delivered to whom expect from their offices in the rush to a call that has been frustada for arriving late at the time it all away on the same holes.

It is called a silence that starts with small cafes, for those sandwiches filled with the talk of a weekend in the tranquility of not having to extend a day that is already closed and sealed, those moments in time that that closes the game is approaching in the chat that soak any corner in front of the output of services.

Is the scheduled time, the elevators begin its descent and ascent in a tumult of calls, waits of unrest, of glances toward the character that happens in the hopes that we will quietly moving away from that place, all in a row where our photos open and close the scores to cancel the time.

Tomorrow will be a new day different from that of today and yesterday, other than that we close today between the movements that relax some tired bodies in the rush to any bus that opened its doors in the mouths of a few places where an underground train takes us back warm and disorderly Purta a departure from where every day from a Monday to Friday leaves emerge without the objection of being an empty bed on a cold morning that the afternoon heat.

I sleep between open, looking lost in the event of my feeling, a place where people change their time for money, where the companion teaches us that attitudes may give reason to be nice to have an open space in the work that the Life leaves us on to ensure a content of the walls of this time to thank with a real sense of my own existence.


Miguel José

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MY AWAKENING - 6.11.2008

Today, beginning around the world, the hundred days when traveling to those places that I will know in the photos will be archived on the retina in order of arrival, the planes of color that iran navigating around different skies along the route of a sun that walks at your leisure by the seas Rising in each day.

At the airport exit is written the first chapter of a journey that starts with the clothes on a Monday working nap awake in the queue who embarks on the first dream fulfilled, scored on the agenda that aims to know some new people Some citizens of that small place, makes my experience different sounds, some serious, some different voices, some new eyes on every street in every city in every country.

Walk around the second destination, upload to a different meter, with some people over to the same problems as in my city, with different faces, clothes sausages in a few different colors, in patterns that make awakening a new sense of walking among the same people, including some awakenings they delivered the same day and the same night.

Traveling the parks and see the flowers open in the same way that trees have been painted with the same color, the green has left a visible imprint on the fence a few small lakes that surround some sources that sing the same water language with a calm and open, the pigeons resting on them that remind me of a childhood where my child continues retozando at the time.

I like cars, buses have another flat on his back, smaller metros that penetrate into some black tunnels, something closer and with different stops, with words in a language that was born in that jungle in which every human is were distributed to march with those who understand, after that experience that led us to be nationals of countries that only now are accompanied in this story.

I continue with the plane of a new city covering the cathedrals that make me go to a noble heart, some palaces that adorn the brightness of cultures that now bear the imprint of shopping centers, places of recreation and leisure to start some different neighborhoods, Some men and women who want to sit and walk on sidewalks full of sales, for stores full of leisure, away from those monuments that only descuelgan on a walk differently.

The yellow taxi stops around me away from that environment to find a new sculpture, to discover a new plaza, a museum where his works are in a silence waiting to see so many sides to stop its history, leaving the estanpa the signing of whom surrendered their hours to save a message from the colors that now swimming who interpret that dream.

There are ten in a night of travel that asks me rest my body, my eyes were so light they hold, a lot of beautiful desert, a few cars and trains, buses and a few meters willing to lock in their garages to realize those dreams that come and go at the table in any room of a hotel open until dawn.

Miguel José

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MY AWAKENING - 5.11.2008

The lips were stroll along the rim of a glass, the murmur of fluid that outlines within the round shape makes a simple bouquet that is entering the tunnels of a nose to the brain that explains the feeling that the language will receive when the contact is Definitive.

The look of it to a piece of lemon that appears swimming in the current that occurs when you shake the glass, walking on tiptoe in their own shadow, in its little flavor that fills the voids flavored liqueur can be a quiet stream, a look of peace and love in the rest of a body that just sounds reassuring those who now go away.

I see through this small pack the same furniture, that lit hallway, in the concavity of a new vision to understand different ways of seeing a slice of lemon on a shelf of books that dwarfs the one hand and grows by another, changing from a greenish color before the light that feeds this new sip.

I hear the music to accompany the time, the eyes of those who leave the glasses at the same table where the food is spreading in some dishes that have covered the surface of a conversation, in the movements of hands toward any of the pieces that accompany the quiet night soaked the walls that separate hosts a meeting at night when the simple look of a room empty silence makes people laugh asleep.

Today there are several that nest in that place to find a smile, to turn on a talk where the objective is to receive a caress, a mere glance from across a table about who feel the heat from a few hugs, a few feet which are intertwined in the smile that I had not known, in a hand that slips between some cushion to ignite the passion of a face you just turn on a red light.

Dark red is the environment that breeds in the sense that a man or a woman has left an instant look at that entangle more sense for what many are facing a problem and that at this moment is born as a discovery, a breath in a heart that beats faster to accelerate the possible meeting that has not yet been possible.

Rub with a kiss to the cheek has left sealed a moment that insurance does not happen again, but in its certificate of authenticity that has sealed remember that at times when silence us raining on the night without sleep, leaving those moments without owner who now describes not understand why human beings want to feel a caress without understanding the risk posed by lead left by a storm without rain.

I remain locked in the seed that will spring into one of the hearts that are opened today without understanding that a final did not start, maybe a beginning which opened a final, but a moment in the passion of a nonsense that could lead to a love connection which has now awakened in the night that is final, in opening the eyes of a soul that never rests, to caress that small hand today nap in his own footprint.

Miguel José

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MY AWAKENING - 4.11.2008

I sleep naked on a cushion of feathers that I am out in the rain for a day of autumn, leaving a smell of fresh fragrance of sincerity, the scent of a cologne that comes from inside of eyes that have completed the scene to begin close the door to an exterior that vibrates at a different sound.

They are eight and the clock increases the power of his whistle to get to some enclosed ears, a few ears walking slowly among the people who go to work, in any event in the bleak autumn morning with the leaves as carpet walkers in the eyes of an awakening that still have not left your eyes open.

You can be your or it may be another, the crowd always moves toward the same place, the departure of those who become alleys in the tunnels of a meter without rails of stairs that can not withstand the footsteps of those who begin with the flow Some mornings loaded the smell of coffee that is diluted in the stomachs of power before the unrest end of the first leg of arrival.

Doors open, metros and buses human vomit content entering pqueñas stops, trains overflowing platforms that are covered in steps accelerated, with different paths to a place that I can not find, all interwoven in the stories we arrived to listen in small sections when someone makes the sound of her lips in the flow of unoscuerpos asleep in their own listening.

After a few minutes everything becomes quiet, we need to wait to see a new movement in the hopes that the times are converted into lives that advance some thoughts that have left us on the weekends, this Friday and Saturday in capricious that the parties were overflows to finish on Sunday in a nap and prepare for the new suit of clothes which will begin on Monday to leave again the same scenes.

Miguel José

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MY AWAKENING - 3.11.2008

I have a kiss that you save for yourself, is sweet, soft, smooth, colorful, with a flavor not tasted delicious, stuffed with love in thin plates, garnished with humility when you were baking, and in a huge way that you can not lock in a word, kiss that now I leave this tray waiting for someone to pick what you want.

Thou shalt be with a view to intrigue hoping to find the hidden camera, perhaps you opened your page and walk on tiptoe without closing the eyes of the spaces between each word, or anything that you expect from the moment they do not know what to do, or Got any man or woman to pick up my lips taste of the precious gift without a landlord.

There is no gender separation, as the female and male born to be completed in love, the act that makes the kind of continuity to continue on the same level of a finite life, and why they are broken down into them and, in You and me, the important thing is to belong to that pace of a DNA stored in its memory the song of life.

I record this song with the kiss as a chorus, I dedicate these lines at all that a day passed through my life and left a small footprint, delivered a few words from these silences that have been overwhelmed in the excitement of a new awakening, a history that began For over a year and traveling by the light of a sense of sharing each experience, or rather, that each experiment conducted in the laboratory.

I hear the quiet life go by, I see the drops of a perfume opened to a bare skin, I sit in silence to receive caresses shared in a whisper inside that every day becomes more clear, in a game that we all participate since we got up until We expanded into the mattress that welcomes us for a night more, and from this place, behind a table that rests me in this city that is soaked in rain from a sky that makes it grow hiberba of hope in a new sunshine to close the day.

Miguel José

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MY AWAKENING - 2.11.2008

That is lifeless, a dead body, and the dictionary defines a deceased person, and today is the day that is celebrated in places Christians remembrance of those who were with us, in other times and places in history books filling pages of his stories, to bring them together again to the thought that feel in our heart.

We talk about it is a day of sadness, a day where the tears are needed to understand the love towards them, a time when approaching the photos that were printed for your body to endure for centuries and centuries within a framework that can make travel to some past memories.

I can just pouring out for the feelings and I travel to the heart of that family that made up my father, my mother and my brother, in place of that small house that was the palace of a tiny being who only felt cold or heat, hunger or sleep, pain or tranquility, love from his own innocence.

On this trip I leave that the heart is the navigator, GPS introduces me to the streets where the games make me remember the words of my father in those sidewalks where my mother gave me the task of collecting the bread and milk, or bottles of wine that I could not even palate.

At this moment I am with my brother, caught his hand at times when he was delivered to the passion of love to his brother, was with himself when left to their love closing my eyes in sleep each night it opened.

We go hand in hand and find a picture together, we speak in eyes that have recorded a second live, a moment that will last forever, a few contours that define those bodies like the feeling of being alive and happy.

I do not want to drop tears because others tell me what, just let it be overflowing joy of knowing that I have saved in my heart that move and stretch in every thought that leak to make me enjoy those years, life I received from them, only in this small heaven now illuminates this scene next to the fireplace and your photo open from sunrise.


Miguel José

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MY AWAKENING - 1.11.2008

Today is the feast of All Saints, a name that appears in the calendar of this desk from where I go to the world, Saturday, the day on which many already enjoy rest, and that is why I want to travel within their significance and I am a Tour of the dictionary of the Spanish language to know the definition of words and holy feast.

Fiesta is the day that celebrates a national solemnity, and which are closed offices and other public establishments. Fiesta is the day the Church celebrates with greater solemnity than others. Fiesta is a gathering of people to celebrate any event, or just for fun.

There is a definition that encompasses the two definitions when it says it is the solemn feast which is celebrated with the memory of a saint. And today we are all saints who celebrate their holiday in his memory and with solemnity.

Santo is a perfect human being and free of all guilt, holy in the Christian world is said to the person to whom the Church declares such, and sends it be given universally worship, holy paragon of a person referred to special virtue and example. © All Royal Spanish Academy.

Santos have been for my people who have left a ensañanza in my life, saints have been a friendship from those who have entered the depth of feeling, saints are those who walk through the streets to their place of work, are the saints who do not understand what happens, you are holy, all you who are on the other side of this screen.

I do not have a standard to measure, simply understand that the festival where all we are rested, relaxed in any activity, awake to enjoy in each of the leisure in which we wrap it, to share the sanctity of all human beings in moments to move in any situation.

Way down the road and I see people go to any place, the ants are opening up roads, they know new adventures, which are preparing to share their learning, starting from birth to end in death each time he puts to be able to start downloading again throughout the soffware on the hard drive of a soul that goes with the despdedida of this body that we no longer enjoy life on this earth.

I hope quiet sitting meditation that appears in any look at yourself girl you look at the other table how my mind is expressed in the beating of some fingers, a guy that you find these lines a few words that silenced the thoughts circulating at high speed by your mind, all those who hold power save five minutes in the feast of All Saints in your own feelings.

They are the memories that make us enjoy this feast of All Saints, for all those who are no longer, because every time we leave open the door of the recall, appeared again with his face drenched in love so immense that we deliver to each do not expect a change.

Silence, begins the first minute of another day of this schedule, and we only have this day for us in the hopes that a new day morning walk on the horizon for a number of your eyes each in its proper place.
Miguel José

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MY AWAKENING - 31.10.2008

I do not believe in anything, my mind is still, the smile was as open windows, wide, and the wind blows in my face leaving the freedom to continue leading my own life, in the blue skies covering stage where I can find a beauty that permeates this way to enjoy a simple thank you, or simply gaze uns of the child that you are inside and we are each of you / us.

There's no noise, just silence, is not hiding anything that is possible, nor afraid to see the unknown, everything is moving in several directions, you may have some tremors, but when it settles in a few others simply are transformed.

These are the circumstances that surround us on a gray day, in a dark night, with no grass in a meadow, in places that appear in movies of fear and composing the scene of everything that man does not want to live, but where is is hosted doubts, fear, resentment, anger, rage and pay these fields in a desert where they walk supposed to leave behind the sense of living.

Everyone in our lives we went through these deserts, to end a relationship we invade the dark gray, leaving our internal resentment, even hatred, lack of energy, thoughts of power have done better, doubts as to how we are or why we have not known .... and so we turn to dark, we passed silently crying tears that would flood an infertile land, some places where the feet dragging everything that comes to die when we understand when, in the silence that appears in the landscape makes us something we do not understand but enjoy.

Exit the tunnel sorry many times, and we do lightweight luggage, leaving the land in those suitcases full of hate, to feel love, the suitcase of the offense, that of the doubt on the other, the desperation of the things that We do not understand why it happens to us and many others who also queradon parked in the nonsense of the crisis.

Clean swim in the crystalline sea of emotions that surround us with a new look, with those thoughts that lead to laughter, the joy, forgiveness, hope to see how we could leave a dying person who lived in us to give life to that person who now wears suits that with the new Dropped from a closet full of positive thoughts that have been recorded in the subconscious mind of our brain.

Giving thanks for the abundance that surrounds my life, the life around us is immensely rich, and I feel that every experience, every man or woman who is close to my right or my left, represents a new way to deploy the new person Walking toward what some call ascent and I understand how knowledge of myself.

Miguel José

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MY AWAKENING - 30.10.2008

In the experience of life, after years of shooting, from a time when we are confused to tour two dark and short, let us several lessons, one of them remember when I want something, when I'm looking with great force and little patience , I hope that when I reach for my pretty face, when it is closed access to the path of arrival.

When I want an experience, the more desire to live events that happen make me change lanes, people or situations without meaning, relationships that never would have wished to have powerful emotions that have been accompanied by storms and tides, all designed to have to understand that there are something inside me that it was claiming.

I can not get the idea that there is a subconscious drive to me as it chooses, which could decide through its energy attraction, what I have to live to spend approving the course, then note how much more you can get in the assessment, less I have chances of a recurrence, leaving recorded the event as a way to climb into the consciousness.

Consciousness that leads us to know much better, to understand that nothing we do is wrong or should have done, no judge is the key, do not see anything that comes to us the hand of someone as strange to us, leave the filter that makes us think that the others are the culprits of our own history.

In any sunrise I see as the birds of any tree living in a constant accept, they will seek to raise the food demand at that time in their heads and not seeing any thought that they are not going to find, just that his reptilian brain them teaches search without expectations, to enter the cycle of life of its DNA and then accept the food and then complete the next step, without expecting anything in return, without thinking that it could have done much better, just accept it.

The summary of these words I have found in several textbooks, just that the man we stopped at the door of hope, knowing that something is going to get there, get carried away with the act and from there we can not learn to accept. The animals, however, agree that a rabbit wants to go out to the field to play not wait until the sun comes out to do, because if you do not quit, will also play next to the lake.

I can tell you when I have a book in my hands the silence of handing listening, is that instant when I like to read and not before or after, so everything happens in life is to enjoy the thought that we were become the reality of those seconds of pleasure, but to read the book before I had to remove it from the shelf and open it. There is therefore the action of wanting something and I wanted to today, from my humility, to share those lines with you, woman, man, humans in this small space of peace and love.



                                                               Miguel José

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MY AWAKENING - 29.10.2008

Today awake in their lips, eyes shining in some eyes that could caress, his hands were expecting to travel this part of a body that is to outline those moments of farewell, at the moment when the clock announced the departure of a shared bed in a night of gift, as a gift has been the time when their hugs gave me the calm of a share sincere.

She was installed in the gap left in the mattress that took care of your body warm, arms entwined in the meditation of the first light of day, legs that he began to dance in the gym that would lift later among those dreams that have been pasted on walls that will clean the breeze of a damp, cold day.

Entering together for the same side of a room full of those memories that we harbor in the evening, in the hours that you are walking a clock at the exit to the world differently, the place from where we live adventures as finding someone to accompany him in and his short trip not to be lost in the smoke of a forest without trees.

The movements of both bodies, the cold breeze of an air warming is going to look at some asleep, the back that opens the depth of a time when the caress who still wakes up sleeping in the cove of that house that he did not know, of those who dealt his way out without waiting for something new.

I can remember that some pieces of work where my face was always in the expression of a nonsense, in the ride on horses that have no form, in places that do not exist in that way of looking at obscure the cries of those who has never passed through my life and now is staying in this little buzz that makes me wake up with your hands around this body that comes in the time that has not existed.

If girl, you view it from your screen, you expect that this story has name, that the body can be yours, my body is the one that accompanies this awakening, but the truth is not what we want our child wants meaningless, but The thank this part of my life, like the others, to be able to live anything that made me get to this point, leaving all the memories and all that accompanied the stops on a train that continues its path without waiting for anyone, without looking at anyone, only with the strength of will that makes me a bye in this silence.


Miguel José

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